Web Design

A Website is the shop window of the modern business, clear goals and objectives are the life blood of quality Web Design, get this right and it will be one of your biggest assets.

Get it wrong and your competition will be the only happy party.

Graphic Design

Getting your brand, collateral and promotional material right says everything about you. To portray professionalism, do not settle for something that holds no meaning.

Capturing your businesses ethos at first glance makes insightful Graphic Design vital.

Social, SEO and PPC

Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is based on being more, engaging, vocal, cunning and experienced than your competitors.

Getting noticed by people as well as Google is the biggest popularity journey you will embark upon, let Yomp sit in the driving seat.

Email Marketing

They say 'The money is in the list' but most businesses do not talk to their 'list' or database enough. The easiest people to sell to are your customers, but nobody thinks of them when constructing an email campaign.

Let us help you to communicate with everyone more regularly.

Surrey’s No.1 Digital Marketing Agency

Welcome to our website I am delighted to have you here.

Let me quickly introduce myself and Yomp, I am Richard Woods, co-founder with my brother Tim Woods.

We have BELIEVED for a long time that the UK has the most innovative, dynamic, entrepreneurial businesses in the world, but as a nation our polite British nature prevents us from really shouting about it.

Through Yomp we help clients become ultra-successful by finding out what they BELIEVE in? WHY they want to be the best at what they do? We then focus on that and not what they do, because the why is what allows customers to become loyal to brands, not because of how or what they do, but because they BELIEVE in the reason that company does what they do.

Put it this way, Richard Branson was not a music expert, aviation genius or gym trainer (among many other examples) but people BELIEVE in why he does what he does, and therefore trusts his brand Virgin to deliver on his values every time, in every Industry sector.

That’s what Yomp believes and we implement our belief’s through Digital Marketing.

What do you BELIEVE in? – Let us help you tell the world.


The above video focuses upon our client Jupp Castle who we created a new website, corporate branding, and subsequent marketing campaigns through live events, email marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO).

We then entered them into two awards, the 20/20 Innovation Award which they were awarded as finalists and the Inspire Business Award for ‘Best Marketing Campaign of the Year’ and guess what… THEY WON!

The video above was a big part of it - Read my blog upon the award winning event and campaigns here.